iGEN Knowledge Solutions was formed as an optimistic response to the Y2K angst and DotCom disillusionment of the year 2000. Co-founders Stephen Ibaraki and Dave O’Leary maintained a passionate belief that iT and the internet combined with the power of shared Knowledge relationships and innovative business strategies could GENerate powerful global economic and social development Solutions.

Since August 2000 the iGEN team has consistently demonstrated proven leadership in the Technology and Business sectors all the while maintaining a commitment to global social development. iGEN has built a global relationship based team in excess of 4000 professionals. This team spans the globe and brings the best in the world to focus on your business needs.

iGEN’s directors bring their proven global technology and leadership perspective to all the company does. This combined with the core operational leadership team of Software Engineer and Business professionals provides the power and expertise to respond to any business and technical innovation challenge. The global relationship model assures iGEN of the agility to meet any opportunity quickly and in the continued tradition of its founders excellence and success.

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